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Get Your Brakes Inspected in Wallingford, CT

To keep your vehicle's safety features in top condition, it's important to schedule regular inspections. At Safe Auto Service, our brake service is the best in Wallingford, CT.  We can evaluate your vehicle's braking system and get it in safe condition once more. 
Trust Us With Your Brakes

Your braking system is more complicated than you might realize.  From the rotors to the braking pads and fluids, there are a lot of moving parts.  Fortunately, you don't have to be an expert to keep your brakes maintained.  Simply make an appointment with our office in Wallingford, CT and we can take care of the details.

 When you schedule a visit to our shop, we'll start with a thorough inspection of the braking system. Then, we'll make recommendations. Your vehicle may require any of these services:
  • Fluid flush
  • Replacement of the caliper or caliper pin
  • Replacement of brake pads
  • Resurfacing or replacement of the rotor 
Typically, we recommend you schedule an inspection every 10,000 miles.  If it's been that long-or longer-since your last visit to a brake service shop, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment.

We also recommend you visit our shop when you notice any of these warning signs:
  • A shaky vehicle
  • A squealing or screeching sound when you press on the brakes
  • A pedal that can be pressed all the way to the floor
  • An ABS light on ABS System Check
We'll evaluate your system, identify the problem, and resolve the issue in no time.  We're so confident in our services that we offer lifetime
warranties on our brake line services.  We guarantee your brakes will remain quiet throughout their lifetime.

Get In Touch Today

Safe Auto Service has nearly 40 years of experience working with brakes.  You can trust our team to perform the needed work quickly and
effectively.  If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, give us a call.  You can reach our shop at 203-237-4311.
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